My sister’s wedding is coming up, so part of my bridesmaid duties are to make lots of cute things for her (she doesn’t know this though). Ha!! Everyone needs a ‘just married’ sign somewhere on their wedding day. Hers will be on their hotel door. I am trying to visualize how I would have done this with cans behind a car…

I love the layered look when using cardstock, so I created a simple wedding bell cut file with 2 sizes of the bell. I used gray cardstock with a little sheen to it to create the back layer of the bell.

Her wedding colors are pool blue and ivory, so I chose a polka dot pool blue color (close enough to her colors) for the top layer of the bell.




I actually used a glue stick to put the 2 layers of the bell together. I was afraid if I used craft glue it would buckle, and I didn’t have enough adhesive tape to get through the project. Note to self: order more permanent adhesive tape!




The top of the bell was simply made by using the leftover gray scraps from the back layer of the bell. I cut with a guillotine to get them perfect. These strips will just sit at the top of the bell so I can string ribbon through to hang the banner.



I had some dots already cut.. and I thought it would be cute to use them to create the ringy-dingy-thingy. They gave the bell some depth between the two layers.



I connected the ringy-dingy-thingy between the two layers and attached the tab at the top.



The front of the tab was also placed between the two layers. The back was just glued directly to the bell. I only used a dot of craft glue on each side.



I used my Silver Bullet to cut the letters out of the same gray cardstock. The font I chose was a little thin, so I ended up using the glue stick again to attach the letters to the bell.


I made 12 bells (I love even numbers!), but I only needed 11. The cardstock would have been wasted anyway, so I decided to use the extra bell to make a scrapbook page for her wedding book. I also used the cardstock leftover from the letter cutouts, which looked so adorable on the scrapbook page.