Quick, easy to make, fun weathered signs for any occasion…

Since we live on the beach, I thought I’d make some cute signs to put outside in the lanai near the pool. They could say anything, but I tried to think of some cute, cheerful things.

I started by buying some treated wood at Lowe’s. Then, I cut the board to the sizes desired for the lettering chosen. I sanded the boards a little to get them just a little bit smoother. I chose the sides that had more of the wood grain showing. I painted the top and sides white, using Valspar – Cream Delight. It’s a nice white, but not ultra bright white. Since I made 4 signs, I chose 4 colors that looked ‘beachy’.

  • Valspar ~ Maple Cream
  • Valspar ~ Beach Sparkle
  • Valspar ~ Green Supreme
  • Valspar ~ Salmon Bisque


‘Salmon Bisque’ looked more coral in the store, but at home it came out pink. Oh well.. So, I painted a thin top coat of each color on the boards. Let dry. Using any editing software, I printed the text/sayings in the font and correct size desired for each board, but using a mirror image.  Then, I placed the paper onto the board (print side down), lightly dampened the paper with a paintbrush (do this lightly or your paper will tear), then I used the top of a sharpie to rub the letters onto each board. I have been informed that printing your text normally and then using carbon copy paper and tracing your letters onto the board is much easier.

Now, the outline is on each board. I painted over the transferred text with the same white color, Valspar ~ Cream Delight. To give the text some depth, I painted shadows with gray on each letter. In hindsight, I think a darker gray would have given these thin letters a little more depth and made them easier to read.


Then, I had to be patient and let everything dry. After patiently waiting, and doing other projects to distract myself, I sanded the areas to ‘weather’ the bright colors and bring out the white underneath. I also sanded some areas down to the original wood (especially on the edges).


Enjoy!! Sometime soon I am going to try transferring vinyl letters & see how that works. Gotta try out my new Silver Bullet cutting machine!! But, it was a blast making these. Happy creating. xo